Before You Start Selling: Will People Want To BUY Your Stuff?

before you start selling make sure people want to buy what you have to offer

This has never happened before: Ukrainian soldiers’ boots are being upgraded to… sneakers! And we have a lesson here for you.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense recently unveiled its plan to incorporate tactical sneakers into the gear provided to Ukraine’s defenders. Over ten Ukrainian companies have stepped forward, offering their shoe designs to the ministry.

Shoe models for the ukrainian army
When there is government money to spend, there are always a lot of suppliers.

These showcased sneaker models have successfully completed initial testing phases, evaluating their comfort and convenience during wear. The next step involves rigorous technical evaluations, incorporating military recommendations, culminating in the approval of a reference design.

The presented models have already passed the first stage of testing (test wearing) for convenience and comfort. Next, the shoes must pass the technical specifications taking into account the recommendations of the military, after which the reference sample will be approved….

So what’s the lesson for you here?

Let’s first ask, where is this requirement coming from? While they are issuing the request for products, the initial request is not actually from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

The demand came from the soldiers on the battlefield.  Or, in other words, the “consumers” (end users) are the ones that dictate the demand for a specific product and NOT the “management” (decision makers).

Now, let’s apply this lesson to your product or service. How much effort do you invest in understanding your target markets, their needs, and their demands? Are you spending time researching markets with pre-existing demand, are you allocating resources towards market education about your offering? Or are you planning your go-to-market strategy based on assumed relevant market segments and perceived demand?

The answer to this question will make or break your sales performance.

Success in sales is guaranteed when you make the effort to ensure that you are:

  1. Targeting the right segment.
  2. Operating in the right country.
  3. Engaging with the right industry.
  4. Reaching out to the right people.
  5. Timing your efforts effectively.

Most businesses don’t budget for the research necessary to ensure there is a market for their product. And then everyone is surprised by the low closing numbers.

Most businesses don’t: Think. Then plan. Then strategize. THEN execute.

If this sounds like a challenging task, remember that this is precisely what we specialize in – helping businesses navigate the world of sales and marketing in order to maximize their business’ growth.



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