how to overcome your phone phobia

How To Overcome Your Phone Phobia

There are many reasons people have for not wanting to talk on the phone: They are busy and it interrupts their ability to work Anxiety about answering a call from someone they don’t know Have a hard time hearing Not interested in having to chit chat before getting to the…

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cold calling stats

Why Conversion Rates for Cold Calling Are Worthless

  Our Director of Marketing recently made a short video on how salespeople and small businesses can improve their cold calling conversion rate. The post sparked a lot of questions and conversations, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to discuss in greater detail what conversion rates for…

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women working together

Sales Tips for Small Businesses: Advice For Everyone

When we give sales advice, we make sure to tailor it to the industry, location, as well as to the client. With all of that specialization in advice, there is always general advice that any business can benefit from.    Small businesses often need the most help but have the…

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how to find clients

How To Find Your Potential Clients

So often, salespeople and small business owners trying to do their own sales, waste so much time and money pitching their services to the wrong market. We’ve met countless people who say their social media content isn’t getting any traction, no one is responding to their emails or LinkedIn messages,…

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virtual sales

How To Strengthen Your Sales When You Can’t Meet In Person

In-person meetings are an integral part of sales, there’s no way around it. However, nowadays we need to find a way around it, as we don’t have the same opportunities to meet. Sales teams are learning how to make those crucial first touchpoints with prospects that usually happen in person…

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sales stats

The Latest Sales Stats You Need To Know

Your client – or rather the sales journey for them to become your client – has undergone significant evolution in recent years. This change has far-reaching implications in sales for your company. We came across an amazing study that analyzes over 100 sales statistics from across the spectrum, from nurturing…

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happy salesman

Three Ways to Become a Better SDR

Depending on your point of view, sales can either be a fun profession that allows you to talk to people all day and make great money, or it can be a grueling job that sucks the energy out of you and leaves you an empty husk of a human.  …

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tel aviv

Making The Most of Your Budget: Outsourcing Sales to Israel

We’ve spoken with hundreds of companies over the last few weeks and their stories are all the same:   The company has been hit hard by the effects of COVID-19 – clients cancel, distributors can’t sell their products, conferences and expos where important connections are made have been canceled -…

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how to make a deal

How to Overcome Objections in the Sales Process

Have you been failing to close your inbound leads?   Just because you have a warm, or hot, lead, doesn’t mean they’ll be an easy close.   If you are having problems with moving your leads down the sales funnel, we suggest you check your sales flow with ours:  …

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usd rmb

Is China trying to unseat the US Dollar’s international hegemony?

Digital currency is not a new fad and has been around basically since the internet was created. But the threshold for accepting an entirely new currency created only for digital transactions is starting to be reached. Bitcoin is increasingly seen as a legitimate currency, with Microsoft and AT&T accepting it…

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public transit

Intel Bets $1 Billion The Economy Will Rebound

Even as schools and some local businesses are slowly starting to reopen, it still feels like international sales and commerce is at a standstill.   No one scheduling face to face meetings. No one planning to attend international conferences or expos. And everyone redoing their sales forecasts.   However, if…

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What a boat can teach you about budgeting and cost control

“This isn’t just a US Navy Zumwalt-class destroyer. It’s a business lesson. Follow us as we show you how this ship is relevant to your business – no matter what your industry. In 2005, the U.S. Navy had plans, and the budget to build 32 destroyers. At a total estimate…

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Lost In Translation: Global Marketing Campaigns that Failed

It’s a small world and we are increasingly connected through social media and travel. A person might mistakenly subscribe to the notion that people are people, and we are more alike than we are different. This would be a mistake, particularly in business when the stakes are high. A Successful…

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Learning from Bezeq, A Forecast Fiasco

The Israeli telecom company, Bezeq announced that it will sustain a loss of over NIS 1 billion (USD 284 million) This as compared to a projected profit of NIS 1 billion for 2019. What went wrong? Bezeq Israeli Telecommunication Co. Ltd. (TASE: BEZQ) based its projections for the year on…

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