How Do I Deal With Objections To My Sales Efforts?

How Do I deal With Never ending objections to my sales efforts?



Sales people always need to know how to deal with objections. We will discuss knowing when an objection is more than just an objection and when it’s a sign of a bigger problem with your sales strategy.

There are 2 basic categories of objections:

  1. Real objections: “We don’t have any budget for this,” or “Your product isn’t useful for us.”
  2. Brush offs: “We don’t need this now,” or “Call me in a few weeks.”


Now, it’s expected that an salesperson is going to face many, many objections over hours, days and weeks of calling leads. How do you know how many objections is too many?


If the vast majority of objections you are hearing are real rejections, not brush-offs, it’s time to take a step back. You probably made a mistake in identifying who you should be selling to.


Before a business starts selling, the most important, and often mosts overlooked, step is to do a Go To Market plan. This is the roadmap to sales and success – identifying the ideal customer, clients, pricing, marketing, etc.


If all you are hearing is real objections, then the segment you are targeting is not your ideal client.  No amount of retraining your salespeople, hiring more sales people, pouring money into marketing, or anything else that tries to force sales to the current segment will work because you are targeting the wrong market. 


Want to avoid wasting your company’s time and money accidentally targeting the wrong market? Talk to us.

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