How To Make Investors Love (and Invest In) Your Startup or Business

how to get investors to invest in your startup

It’s not just startups that need cash infusions to keep their businesses going. There are all kinds of large and small businesses, startups, and the like that are competing for the attention and wallets of investors.

Having a great product is not enough to get the money you need to stay afloat.

Here are important, and actionable, tips we’ve gathered from years of working with startups and businesses seeking funding.

1. A Dynamic Team: Building a successful startup is no solo act. Investors seek a dynamic team with a proven track record of collaboration and resilience. That means not having 3 cofounders that are all engineers. Have a variety of people on your team, those with experience navigating the inevitable ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey, as well as those that can help bring your startup clients (i.e.: experienced salespeople).

2. Clear Return on Investment (ROI): Let’s face it, investors are looking for a return on their investment (ROI). Startups with a clear path to profitability are more likely to get the attention of investors. This involves having a clear Go To Market strategy of who to target, where, and what the market size is, and what percentage you believe you can take.

3. An “Unfair” Advantage: Every successful business needs a competitive advantage or Unique Selling Point, and for startups, this often translates to an “unfair” advantage. This can be a game-changing technology that disrupts the market or a unique business differentiator that makes you more appealing than the competition.

4. Momentum is Key: Great ideas are a dime a dozen, but those who can DO are far and few between. Investors are drawn to startups that demonstrate momentum and a strong track record of execution (which is why bringing on a team member or advisor who has successfully launched a startup is so important). They want to see evidence that the team can effectively implement their vision and turn ideas into reality – fast and efficiently.

Think this is all common sense?

It’s not.

That’s why if you can focus on building a strong team, demonstrate a clear path to profitability, possess a unique edge, and execute efficiently, you can increase your chances of attracting the investment needed to take your venture to the next level.

And if you need some help with that, KSW Solutions is here to help.

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