How to Overcome Objections in the Sales Process

how to make a deal

Have you been failing to close your inbound leads?


Just because you have a warm, or hot, lead, doesn’t mean they’ll be an easy close.


If you are having problems with moving your leads down the sales funnel, we suggest you check your sales flow with ours:


KSW Solutions Sales Flow Process

  1. The salesperson receives an Inbound lead (in this example we are discussing an already warm lead, someone who is interested and knows what we do and how we can help them).
  2. The salesperson tries to bring lead in for a fast close (no ‘dicking around’ as Tal Paperin likes to say).
  3. Don’t be surprised! The prospect objects to term(s) of the sale (classically it’s the price, but could be a number of things, such as post-sales agreements). It’s important to note that this objection should not be considered a barrier to the sale, but merely part of the process.
  4. Salesperson resolves the objection with a tailored solution (altering the previously offered price, throwing in extra services or items for the originally mentioned price, future discounts for continued purchases, etc.).
  5. Both salesperson and lead (now customer) have reached a satisfying agreement – the deal is closed.


It seems straightforward, but many businesses get lost in the objections phase. They think they have to educate the consumer as to why they shouldn’t have such objections. For some products that is the right course of action, but most of the time, objections should be expected and welcomed. It means the lead is interested and is looking to you to help them agree to a deal.


Crafting responses to objections doesn’t have to be time-consuming – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time. We have experience across industries writing sales scripts so that your salespeople easily know how to address objections and keep that sale going.


Interested in learning more about how to overcome objections? Talk to us.

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