How To Strengthen Your Sales When You Can’t Meet In Person

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In-person meetings are an integral part of sales, there’s no way around it. However, nowadays we need to find a way around it, as we don’t have the same opportunities to meet. Sales teams are learning how to make those crucial first touchpoints with prospects that usually happen in person (meetings, expos, conventions, etc.), online. 

We have 3 suggestions on how to strengthen your sales when you can’t meet in person.

  1. Follow up on old leads. Now is the time to follow up on old leads that you have met in person. Companies are working, so they will be buying your products and services. If they can do that with a rep that they’ve already met, even if it was once, they at least have a frame of reference and a personal connection.Take advantage of the fact that people are looking for a familiar face that they can close with.
  2. Utilize references. Virtual sales meetings can work for word of mouth business recommendations. If someone you trust recommends a vendor that they got great results with, then there is little need for the in person meeting to get a feel for them. Before closing the deal, the prospect will still want to get a feel for you, which leads us to our last suggestion –
  3. Video Meetings. A great way to create that sense of an in-person meeting is to do a video call. Take the opportunity to suggest it after a couple of conversations, as the prospect is moving down the funnel.

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