Dental Business Consulting Success with KSW Solutions

Tag Dental is a subsidiary of a larger medical devices company, located in Northern Israel. When they brought in KSW Solutions, they were selling in 15 countries, only substantially profitably in a handful of those, and wanted to expand.
Even though Tag wanted to immediately jump into expanding sales to new countries, we recommended taking a step back and to start with business development.
Businesses often look to sidestep business development as a way to save money, but without ensuring that your company’s strategy is properly formulated, you’ll be wasting time at best, and most likely wasting money.
So, we redesigned marketing material, reevaluated their marketing strategy, and did some basic market research in order to prioritize which new markets to target – the UK and EU, starting with the Benelux States (Tag had thought France and Germany would be better markets, but once we were able to show them that those markets were either very tough to break into, or would require hiring someone who spoke those languages, they were happy to go ahead with our plan).
Next, they brought us back to the B2B sales and marketing. KSW found distributors for their products in target market, in part because of our ability to identify flaws in their marketing strategy, rectify them, and identify the most cost effective ways of increasing brand awareness in these markets.
“Tal has the knowledge and deep understanding to analyze and map the market competition in order to promote the comparative advantage for any category of products.”

Barak Kav, Global VP Sales & Marketing
TAG Medical