Dental Business Consulting Success with KSW Solutions

Tag Dental, a subsidiary of a large medical devices company located in Northern Israel, brought in KSW Solutions to help with their sales and marketing. At the time, Tag had sales presence in only 15 countries, and was only selling profitably in a handful of them, and wanted to expand.


In our initial discussions, Tag made it clear that they were ready to spend money expanding to new countries/markets. We recommended taking a step back and to start with business development. Businesses often look to sidestep business development as a way to save money, but without ensuring that your company’s strategy is properly formulated, at best you’ll just be wasting time, and most likely also wasting money.


Dental implants and associated devices are a lucrative, but fiercely competitive industry. Depending on the country, the market may be controlled by just 2 or 3 big names and impossible to break into without building the brand from the ground up; or dentists may only purchase from distributors, meaning you need to find the right distributor who is motivated to suggest your dental products; or the solution might be as simple is finding (and financing) the right industry influencers to promote your business at trade shows and on their Instagram accounts.


After our initial market research, we were able to reevaluate Tag’s marketing strategy, redesign their marketing materials, and provide a report prioritizing which new markets to enter, as well as which markets they were currently in where it made more sense to drop out.


Tag was not expecting our strategy, after all, they just wanted to jump in and start selling wherever. However, they trusted our research and decided to let us go to work implementing the plan laid out. 


In the end, it was suggested to use distributors in the market identified. KSW found distributors in the proposed markets, and Tag was left with more market share, a growing brand name internationally, and keen insight into break into future markets.