Produce Supply Chain Management Consulting

KSW Solutions has worked with the world’s largest fresh fruit purveyors, such as Dole, Chiquite, and Del Monte, while also working just as seamlessly with small farmers
like Israel’s Marina.

We have the experience to help your produce company along all parts of the sales chain – start as far back as growing the produce and harvesting! We also have extensive expertise in shipping, logistics, cold chain storage, ripening, monitoring – and of course sales and marketing.
Our success stories run big and small – from advising a peeled garlic seller to change the shape of the container so it would fit better in the refrigerator door, to helping Turkish cherries to break into the European market. We also helped one of the largest supermarket chains, Magnit, who was receiving produce that looked fine, only to spoil almost immediately, to identify where in the supply chain the problem was occuring, find a solution to monitor it, and ultimately know how to reject produce that would quickly spoil or be confident what they were receiving would last long enough for the consumer to enjoy it.

“After losing over 40% of our produce in transit, we got KSW to solve it for us. The next year our loss went down to 12%”

Logistics Manager, Peru/Holland