We do retail sales consulting for DIY home goods manufacturers, apparel, and more

Palram thought since they were selling in the world’s largest home improvement and outdoor stores, like Home Depot, OBI and Leroy Merlin, there was nowhere left for them to go. However, as one of the world’s largest plastics manufacturers, they weren’t happy settling and hired KSW Solutions to see where else they could sell their garden sheds, gazebos, greenhouses, and other DIY outdoor plastic products.

We helped them not only find a new market, but identified new channels for sale. Since they were already comfortable with the B2B model, we identified the potential for their product in Eastern Europe, and connected them with a distributor, who did all of the selling for them. Next, we saw the opportunity for B2C selling, and helped them break into the Australian and Israeli markets by establishing a virtual retail business in each country.