Intel Bets $1 Billion The Economy Will Rebound

Intel bets on public transportation in Israel

Even as schools and some local businesses are slowly starting to reopen, it still feels like international sales and commerce is at a standstill.


No one scheduling face to face meetings. No one planning to attend international conferences or expos. And everyone redoing their sales forecasts.


However, if you think now is the time to sign heavily and try to tread water to just keep afloat – you are wrong! This week Intel Corporation announced it will be acquiring the Israeli journey planning app, MoovIT, for $1 billion.


This is in spite of the fact that in much of the world public transportation has been ground almost to a halt. In Israel alone the national railway has been closed indefinitely and buses are infrequent. So how useful can a public transit app be in times like this, especially to the extent that Intel is willing to invest so much in it?


There are 2 answers to this question:

  1. These negotiations started months ago. Depending on your industry, the sales funnel could last months to years. Smart companies are not stopping their sales and purchasing processes, since they know that things will be going ‘back to normal’ – whatever that new normal is. 
  2. Successful businesses don’t just stop
    working because the media paints a bleak picture of the economy. In addition, now is a great time to renegotiate terms if you think you can get more favorable rates.


Intel knows that public transportation will be back up and running, and that trends show that more and more people will be relying on public transit. Be like Intel – ignore the present and look at what your industry will be like in 1 or 5 years – and focus on THAT.


Know that even if you are too scared to plan for the future, your competitors aren’t. If you want to take the next step and start thinking long term, but don’t know how to start, contact us. KSW Solutions is here to help you reach your business development, sales and marketing (and more!).

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