Making The Most of Your Budget: Outsourcing Sales to Israel

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We’ve spoken with hundreds of companies over the last few weeks and their stories are all the same:


The company has been hit hard by the effects of COVID-19 – clients cancel, distributors can’t sell their products, conferences and expos where important connections are made have been canceled – and so on.


Everyone is trying to cut corners where they can, with sales and marketing often the first jobs on the chopping block. One VP of Sales who reached out to us for help told us that for an entire factory that exports a certain product, he is the only person left in his department, and his budget has been slashed to $3,000 – for international sales!


The VP told us he was considering outsourcing his sales (cold calling, lead generation, etc.) to India, since it’s so much cheaper there. We understand that as we offer sales and marketing from Israel (where you have native English speakers with a high level of customer service experience). The problem with his budget is that $3000 is going to get him less than a month of sales no matter where he outsources it to, and that leaves him with no one to continue conversations with warm leads, help move those leads down the conversion funnel, and ultimately no one there to close the deal. 


Outsourcing Sales & Marketing to Israel


You need to be realistic with how much budget you set aside for your sales and marketing. We had a client who asked to pause their sales with us right when everything started shutting down and we understood. However, in the 2 months since that happened, we are still receiving dozens of emails from the leads we had generated for them, and warm leads that are hot to buy from them. However, they have no one following up and continuing the conversation.


Not investing enough money results in any money you invest actually being wasted.


Talk to us today about how KSW Solutions can help you plan a realistic sales and marketing budget, more affordably than you’ll find in North America or Western Europe. We won’t be cheaper than the Philippines, but the quality of our advice, support, and general efforts will be the best there is!

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