Gilad Luria

Medical Devices

Gilad has had a diverse career in different physics-related fields before co-founding a start-up, Gleyser Technologies Ltd, which is engaged in endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract. He is still deeply involved in this endeavor, where he leads R&D and product management, along with global commercial efforts. In addition, Gilad is currently an evaluator for the…

Nir Tahan

Agricultural Consultant

Nir has over 25 years of experience growing conventional and organic vegetables and medical cannabis, and establishing agricultural projects. He is able to consult or train both farm owners and investors in the field as well as online, in agricultural projects and specifically in growing vegetables and medical cannabis in high technology greenhouses.

Ofir Caspi

Post Sales, Tech Support and Global Success

Ofir brings over 15 years of experience of leading, managing and maintaining global projects from the preliminary stages until the final implementation at the customer’s facility. He also works as a personal success consultant for our VIP customers for their marketing, production and logistics operations, with a proven track record of boosting revenues.

Ouri Fischel

Pharmaceuticals & Big Data

Ouri has 15 years’ industry and leadership experience in biotech and drug development companies. Specializing in bioinformatics, cheminformatics, in-licensing technologies, as well as strategic planning and partnerships, Ouri’s industry track record includes collaborations with Sanofi-Aventis and J&J, and business development at Synergix. He is also currently COO of the bio-software company, Pomicell.

Dr. Shani Eliyahu-Gross

Medical Devices

Dr. Eliyahu-Gross is an inventor and developer of the lifesaving WoundClot product line from the FOC stage to commercialization. She is versed in R&D, manufacturing process establishment, regulatory affairs, quality management systems, pre & clinical trials and intellectual properties, and all other areas relevant to medical device companies looking to expand.

R. Naomi Green

Business Coaching & Corporate Education

Naomi left the corporate world after 18 amazing years with global cosmetics leader, Estee Lauder, and is now bringing you her experience in information management, business coaching, and facilitated education. Her unique techniques utilize her experienced as a trained therapist, to help businesses identify and achieve their goals.

Director of Marketing

For over 15 years, Samantha has used her talents with words and people to help clients achieve their goals. Whether it was lobbying for certain legislation on Capitol Hill, talking to the public about delicate environmental issues, or redesigning the formatting of a website so it flows better, Samantha knows how to craft your message…