Sales & Marketing Consulting Solutions fo Solopreneurs

sales and marketing consultations for solopreneurs

We love Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs who are launching or running a business on their own! And we hear from them a lot.

Although our general client-base are startups and SMBs that have employees and customers, we often get requests from friends and followers asking for advice helping them decide between two workshops or other packages that are targeted towards small business owners. The problem with these solutions is that they are either:

  • generic online courses that give a lot of generalized information
  • workshops that have dozens (or more) of participants and put the onus on the participants to work out the solutions they need
  • some other expensive venture targeted towards solopreneurs without any one-on-one coaching

These are aside from the expensive sales & marketing packages that promise to deliver many things, but at an astronomical price tag that the business owner can’t afford.

After seeing the options out there for for solopreneurs, we have decided to offer our own solutions, that as former solopreneurs ourselves, we know will give you the blueprint you need to take your business to the next level.

Our Sales & Marketing packages for solopreneurs create a tailor-made plan for each client. We sit to go over your goals, budget, and capabilities and build you a plan that perfectly fits what you want to achieve. There is no cookie-cutter approach like with large workshops or impersonal classes. There is no leaving you to do the hard work alone – we build you the plan and tell you how to achieve it.

Want to know what to expect? Here is a rundown of what we cover. What KSW Solutions Does for New Sales Clients Infographic


  • How your business was founded and why
  • About your solution and competitors
  • Your current marketing activities
  • Your goals from working with us
  • Your budget

Then we build you a plan with actionable items to achieve the agreed-upon goals within your budget. We provide resources on how to do this, such as links to YouTube tutorial videos or suggestions for service providers that you can afford.


  • Analysis of your business’s current situation and where you want to go
  • Analysis of your solution and the competition
  • Analysis of your sales infrastructure and capabilities

Then we can provide suggestions based on what you need such as new verticals to target, different ways to sell your product, advice for lead generation and qualification, and more.

Sound interesting? Contact us now to see what KSW Solutions can do for you.

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