Sales & Marketing Consulting from the Holy Land, based on God’s Word, done by God’s Chosen People, that are walking God’s path.

It’s all about strategy. Before you actually start doing, you need to know what you are doing. Where to sell, how to sell, whom to sell to, for how much.


We are Tal and Samantha Paperin. An orthodox Jewish married couple living in the scenic Galilee of Northern Israel. We live a religious life, with Tal praying with a quorum of men 3 times a day, learning Torah by himself and with his children daily. Both Tal and Samantha were born abroad. Tal came to Israel in 1990 with his mother escaping religious persecution in the former Soviet Union, and found God as a teenager in the Holy Land. Samantha grew up secular, without an appreciation of her rich heratige, until she was in her late 20s. At that point she discovered what it really means to be Jewish, and promptly left her career and all of her belongings in the United States to move to Jerusalem.


When we met, we were each working in our respective fields, Tal in International Sales and Samantha in Marketing. Over the years, as we grew, both professionally and as a couple, we saw more and more how our skills compliment each other, and the need for sales and marketing consulting. 


That is why we’ve decided to strike out on our own, helping small to medium sized businesses looking to solve their sales and marketing challenges that are preventing their businesses from attracting and retaining clients, getting a higher market share, and generating more revenue.


About our Sales Consulting Services


CEOs, GMs, and VPs often struggle with Sales and Biz Dev-related issues. They find it difficult to grow their business and sales, especially in some hard-to-scale, tough, B2B/B2G domestic and international scenarios. That’s why it pays to bring in an objective 3rd party to help solve your sales and growth challenges. Tal offers VP Sales & Strategic Business Development as a service to help you understand why your sales are slacking and how to get on the right track. He’s also brought in as a Consultant & Advisor, helping CEOs & Founders with all aspects of Sales and Biz Dev.


About our Marketing Consulting Services


While closing deals brings money to your business, marketing is what brings potential customers to the table. B2B (business to business) marketing is more than just putting posts on LinkedIn. It’s about identifying who your ideal customer is, knowing how to reach them, and crafting the right message to both educate and motivate them to want to do business with you over your competitors.


Samantha has helped dozens of startups and companies to increase their revenue and successfully launch their products around the world, and as a busy mother of 2 + 3 bonus children, she has stepped away from the corporate world to consult and advise companies directly, while allowing herself the flexibility to be there for her children. She’s now available to help you evaluate your brand, make sure you are putting the best version of your business out there, and know how to generate relevant leads for your sales team.

If your business is lacking leads, customers, or otherwise failing to bring you big money, talk to us. Simply send Tal a WhatsApp or let’s schedule a Zoom call.

We are looking forward to speaking with you.

Tal and Samantha


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