Sales Tips For Businesses With Leads But No Sales

Sales Tips For Businesses With Leads But No Sales

We recently consulted a digital marketing business that was doing a great job getting leads, but didn’t know how to convert them. The tips we provided are practical for anyone who does well generating leads, getting meetings, and otherwise getting people into the conversion funnel – but doesn’t know how to get them to BUY.


5 tips for businesses with great marketing but poor sales:

  1. Increase Your Inbound Leads. Got a lot of incoming leads? Great – you need more. Sales, while with the right approach (and consulting) can help you close leads, it’s still a numbers game. Which means you need to boost those numbers. No matter how good you are at overcoming objections in the sales process, there will always be clients who just like to ‘kick the tires’ that is have a meeting and get all the data but aren’t actually ready to buy. You’ll be less desperate and needy and therefore less likely to agree to clients that you don’t really want or to lower your prices.
  2. Learn About Social Selling. Social selling is a marketing-branded way of saying that you can get leads and customers on social media by being active and engaging with other users on the platform. We are a big fan of Daniel Disney and recommend starting with his “The Million Pound (£) LinkedIn Message” if you don’t have the money to hire us to help you. We don’t get any money or referrals from Daniel, we truly believe in his approach!
  3. Keep Your Messaging Tight. Like 1 line. Seriously right to the point. “Hi John. I’m selling GPS trackers for fleet management. Interesting in learning more?” Whole books have been written about how to write outbound emails, but almost no one talks about just being to-the-point (probably because it’s harder to get publishers interested in a pamphlet).
  4. Grow Your Network. The more people who know about you, who are connected to you, and who see you in their feed, the better. Of course, not every connection is worthwhile, but when you know how to make the right connections (that is people who will hire you or recommend others to hire you), you organically increase the opportunity for those inbound leads to come your way.
  5. Deal With Your Leads. That’s right, people get leads but are too crippled with anxiety over what to do with them that they just ignore them. If you are going to ignore your leads, they won’t turn into pay customers, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by responding! Don’t ignore, do something to help build your confidence so you know how to respond. Learning about social selling will aid you in this, but it never hurts to get a consultation from a sales coach or trainer for pointers on how to guide the lead from being interested, to paying the invoice.

Ready to turn your leads into $$$, but want a little extra assistance? We offer hourly consulting in addition to our monthly retainer options. Contact us today to turn those potential leads into your next clients.

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