Business Development & Fundraising for Nonprofits

You might associate business development and outsourced sales consulting with the private sector, but nonprofits also can benefit from these services. After all, fundraising is just ‘sales’ in nonprofits.


Why Nonprofits Need Business Development

Overtime relationships with partners or funders may change or dry up for various reasons. This is why it is so important to have periodic business development consultations. KSW Solutions can not only help you identify strategic partners that can help your nonprofit continue their mission, but we can also help you identify new markets to offer your services or new opportunities you might not have realized were relevant.

A Jewish nonprofit reached out to us as COVID-19 was drying up their donors. They provide an invaluable service that can’t withstand cash flow issues. We helped them understand how to widen their prospecting list, how to prospect those leads better, and what new markets they should reach out to – all to great success.

Marketing For Nonprofits

Marketing for nonprofits can also vary wildly from conventional marketing, so it pays to have someone experienced in nonprofit marketing working for you. Not unlike for-profit businesses, nonprofits can lose sight of the trees from the forest, and focus on marketing the wrong aspects of their organization. This is especially true, as nonprofits tend to have lower turnover than businesses, and people working in the organization could have been there for years, leading to a continuous cycle of stale marketing, without an opportunity for a fresh perspective. An outside set of eyes can help identify where marketing efforts are failing, and steer you in the right direction.

Can Your Nonprofit Benefit from Fundraising Consulting?

Absolutely it can. Fundraising is nothing more than a nonprofit organization trying to sell their concept. The only difference is that the consumers don’t necessarily walk away with a product or service, except perhaps a dinner in their honor or a plaque on a bench.

Because nonprofits don’t necessarily have a product that can ‘sell itself’, it’s very important to have a targeted fundraising approach. For a Jewish umbrella organization, we helped each subgroup identify their key ‘product’ that they excelled at, for some it was distributing charity, others doing kiruv, and other Jewish outreach. Once we identified their product, we were able to help them identify prospects who cared about those things and to tailor their fundraising approach to excite each fundraising prospect. 

KSW Solutions has provided consulting services to nonprofit organizations such as:

  • Aish HaTorah
  • Chabad
  • JNF

So if you are looking for a Jewish fundraising consultant, look no further.