VP Global Sales & Strategic Business Development as a Service

It’s a common statistic – 90% of businesses don’t make it past 5 years. Everyone thinks theirs will be different – but what differentiates between those who fail and those who succeed?

Sales and Marketing.

It’s that simple. One or both of these departments are the first to get cut when sales and revenue are down, but not investing in your company’s sales and marketing is a recipe for failure.

Sales outsourcing for small businesses just makes financial sense. We know how expensive and time consuming these can be – especially sales. You need to hire, train, spend time getting leads, following up, etc. etc. You’re paying salaries, benefits, pension – meanwhile, a single sale hasn’t yet been made.

That’s why you should outsource your sales and/or marketing to us.

Below is a selection of the sales services that we offer:

  • Sales Development: Let us go through the process of screening and hiring SDRs for you. KSW Solutions isn’t running a call center, we are running a high-quality outsourced sales team that is at your service. Our SDRs work in a variety of mother-tongue speakers, depending on your needs, that can make calls at the hours your clients are in the office – whether it’s in New York or Singapore.
  • Find Foreign Distributors: Sometimes the solution isn’t to work harder to have your sales team close international deals, but simply to find a distributor to do it for you. Let KSW find the right distributor for your product and make the connections you need to close the deal, and move on to relationship management instead of chasing leads.
  • Sales Training: Even the most senior salesperson needs a refresher course now and then. We will train your sales team to warm up your coldest lead, convert the toughest prospect, and generally sell, sell, sell. Or, we can remove the human resources headache from you, and build and manage a sales team ourselves.
  • Pre & Post Sales: Revenue from a customer does not end after the deal is closed. It is 66% easier to obtain additional profit from an additional customer than to acquire a new one. For this you’ll need customer service, post sales, and or tech support teams. We will build and prepare your team to handle clients in any country or time zone.


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