See what former clients and those who have benefitted from Tal and Samantha’s efforts have to say about what you can expect when you work with them.

Our Clients

We help companies of all sizes – from individual entrepreneurs and startups, to small factories and manufacturers, all the way up to multinational corporations.

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about working with KSW Solutions

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Neriya Rosner

Founder and CEO of SpecBite.

Tal provided me with wise advice…he listened to me and asked great questions that showed an advanced level of understanding and attention.
And then gave very helpful advices and shared his ways of thinking on the matter. I was most impressed by his methodical way of thinking and experimenting in sale.


Yakov Nedlin

Founder at LIBACCORD

Tal is a real professiona! I’ve asked him to provide an opinion on commercialization of a medical device product. What I received is a deep dive into entire world of terms, key players and possibilities and, on the other hand, a clear recommendation and a guidance for proper planning of my next steps.


Sam Ginzberg

Chief Information Officer at Royal Care NYC

Tal is a Smart and full of experience. Tal was able to give some great insight and ideas about how to make sure we covered all sales angles and in depth market research.

Royal Care

Sherman Barnes II

Head of Sales & Marketing, Head of Sales & Marketing, Trio Trucking Inc

I had a great experience working with Tal Paperin. He gave me some great insight and ideas about how to take my business to the next dimension. They provides an array of services (business development, sales, market entry, training workshops, etc.) to help businesses make more money from domestic or international expansion. I would recommend using them for sure.

Trio Enterprises

David Gallula, Ph.D.

Head at UED Research Institute for User Empowerment | CEO at ProUX

Tal is a sharp and smart marketer. In a short conversation, he was able to understand and analyze complex problems of understanding the market, customer analysis, and consumer mapping.

He brought us quick and good solutions that do the job.

Ariel Perets

Ariel Perets


Before I knew Tal I did not know the world of global sales, Tal introduced me to a new world I was not aware of and impressed me with his large knowledge. I’m sure Tal is one of the experts in his field and would love to recommend him as one of the best salesperson in the world!

Ap Engineering

Michael Teichberg

Founder InventivHR and SoFlo-Israel TIE Council

With just an initial 15 minute consulting call with Tal, I was able to identify new approaches that I am confident will lead to a significant increase in successful prospect meetings in the future. Tal was friendly, gracious with his time, and a good listener. Having attended trainings, workshops, and read books, this session was one of the most helpful resources I have encountered.

Hans Bronkhorst

I needed some sound and no bs advice on sales and marketing for a new business I am starting. Tal Paperin didn´t hesitate when I asked for his help and the advice he gave me really put things into perspective. During our conversation it became obvious that Tal not only is an expert in his field, but also a gracious person who´s willing to help others. Thank you so much!


Daniel Gross, PhD

Founder at Modal AI

Following up on Tal’s offer, I just had a very helpful discussion with him. We took stock where my startup venture is now, and got valuable feedback and further guidance on the business validation path I have been pursuing, the results obtained, and what to focus on next to advance the venture.

Helen Gottstein

Public Speaking | Executive Communications & Strategy

If you are looking for someone who understands sales, Tal is your address. His grasp on the overall sales process, how to move a prospect forward and his on point grasp of how to move your business forward is invaluable. Follow him. Listen to him. Take his advice. Grow your business as a result.

Phil Guimond

Transformational Cyber Security Leader | Application & Cloud Security | Red Team | DFIR

Tal Paperin has the uncanny ability to find lessons, especially sales lessons, in every little thing in life and somehow manage to successful apply these things to the business world. If you’re looking for a sales professional who lives, eats and breathes sales, then open a dialogue with him.

Udo Kalu

Founder - Procurement, Operations and Sales, Fotis Capital Ltd

Your insights in business, especially sales are amazing! They are somethings witty and funny but always very informative and shows forte your years of experience.

Daniel Zatman

Co-Founder Qii78

Having Tal as a contact is valuable. Having him in your corner is priceless.

He is always prepared with insights and market focus, so every minute spent with him is energised and filled with possibility.

He actively listens and extracts the essence of any business idea and distils it into action and a road map to your final goal.

You leave refreshed, focused and ready to go. Highly recommended.


Rabbi Nosson Rodin

Co Executive Director, Co Executive Director, Chabad Youth of the Galilee/Chabad on Campus Ort Braude Karmiel

We recently had Tal direct a seminar on the subject of fundraising to Chabad on campus Israel Rabbi’s.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The presentation was flawless engaging and very practical.

Tal is a pleasure to work with and his skills in marketing are second to none.

Project Up-Start

Judith Rozen-Romano

Founder/CEO at Divine Italy (ex Mobileye)

Tal was able to listen carefully and give concise precise advices of great value for consultant-customer company relationship, negotiating projects per added value, expanding global markets by exploring more personalised channels. He has a rare talent for thinking in-depth and forward, I highly recommend contacting Tal for ANY of your business endeavours and adventures, even your wildest!

Divine Italy

Dovid Urbach

Clinical Social Worker Specializing in Young Adults with Developmental Trauma and Attachment | Writer

Tal has a unique, cut-to-the-chase, no-nonsense style of helping clients find their target market, reach them, and effectively position themselves so they’ll get noticed.

He’s willing to go the extra mile and give you continuous value – because he cares about your success.

Do yourself a favor and reach out to him today.

Daniel Tarlow

Technical and UX Writing Training, Business Owner

I had the pleasure of meeting Tal recently to discuss strategies and ideas for developing my business and thinking about some ways to improve sales. Tal had some excellent ideas and opinions that I will be putting to use in the coming weeks and months.

I highly recommend Tal for your business.


Bar Libach

Regional Business Development Manager, MIS Implants Technologies Ltd. (Global)

Tal brings in his portfolio creative problem-solving, wide range of cross discipline knowledge and willingness to do whatever it takes to generate a final productive result.

I can testify regarding Tal’s professional accomplishments and constantly demonstrated exceptional BizDev and Sales skills and extensive knowledge of best marketing practices.


Daniel Baruc

EVP Dental, TAG Medical Products Corporation Ltd.

Tal is someone serious who invests to succeed in his project.


Barak Kav

CEO at TAG Dentall LTD (Global)

Tal has the knowledge and deep understanding to analyze and map the market competition in order to promote the comparative advantage for any category of products.

Tal is the one you would like to have as your team leader.


Gabriel Heifets

HW Lead Engineer, Annapurna Labs, an Amazon company

Tal Paperin has everything you want and need in a solutions consulting company: years of experience in both pre and post sales, connections in all the BRIC countries, knowledge in how to standout in many different types of markets, and more ways to increase your company’s profitability.


Luisa Arroyave

Senior Manager (Food Safety & Quality, Global Sourcing), Walmart Global Sourcing

I had the pleasure to work with Tal. I can tell that Tal is a great team player, very energetic and enthusiastic to get things done. He was always willing to help and share his experience in international sales and project management. I appreciated his help very much as we were an international team and selling to different countries and cultures had different strategies. Always there for good advise and great attitude! He is practical, analytic with solving skills and nice to have around!

Walmart Sourcing

Daniel Weiser

Sr. Director of Business Development & Sales, Americas at Silicom Ltd. - Connectivity Solutions

Tal is extremely enthusiastic about his job, smart, professional and thorough, and was a pleasure to work with.


Yair Rosenzweig

Chief Executive Officer at Asiv Textile Industries Ltd.

I had the honor of working with Tal for more than a year. During this time he proved himself to be professional, dedicated and a valuable asset for our department. Tal is very methodical with great attention to small details. This, combine with ability to see the ‘big picture’ and excellent people skills, made him a pivotal figure in every project in the company and he does it all with a smile and a great sense of humor.


John Dvir

Internet Department Manager SOURCE Vagabond Systems LTD

Tal has a great ability to communicate with people from around the globe; his management skills are exceptional. He is courteous and supportive and his “people skills” are outstanding.

Tal has expanded our on-line presence by engaging our clients and leads, many of them he found himself.

Furthermore, he is an expert in Information gathering / data mining. If it is out there – Tal will find it, sort it and present it in the best way possible.

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Dovid Shaw

Director at WoW Discoveries

Tal is great to work with. He is very professional and highly motivated. A great source for advice and guidance in moving ones business forward.

Gary Beech

IT & Engineering specialist at Fairfaxmedia

I Have had an on-going business relationship with Tal, and I have found hime to be relaible and efficient. Please don’t hesitate to conatct me for more information. Tal is to be highly recommended.

Laura Gillman

at Meshi Pharm

with Tal has great negotiating skills and secured several big deals for the company. He is incredibly capable and is an huge asset to any company that he works for.

Ouri Fischel

Agrematch - Business Development Director

Tal is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several marketing plans for our company.

Though he was an asset to our sales efforts, Tal was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. In addition to writing effective scripts modules for sales representatives, Tal assumed a leadership role, inspiring and motivating our employees.

Etai Dagan

Etai Dagan

CEO & Founder of Filtersafe

• Is able to do a lot and create a lot of visibility with a limited budget.
• Instead of listing all of the things that could be done in a particular area, Samantha suggests projects based on what will have the biggest impact.
• Samantha works closely with our Sales team to ensure the marketing materials she creates meet their needs and constantly solicits feedback on how to make our materials more effective in driving sales.
• Despite her part-time status, she is available, participates in relevant meetings, and stays in close contact with the rest of the company.
• Samantha is reliable, delivers creative, insightful marketing campaigns, and is in general a pleasure to work with.

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Chaim Ash

Founder of AI startup FolksTalks'

I met Samantha during taking the course in Galil accelerator and was charmed by her energy and efficiency. I asked her to assist me with the marketing of my startup dealing with spoken language acquisition by robots, a topic hardly understood by those in the know. I was amazed again at how quickly Samantha couth the very essence of the project. Her highly professional and devoted work equipped me with clear and intelligible marketing tools that made my company presentations much more effective. Thank you, Samantha!

Miyan Mears Dagan

General Manager Filtersafe

Over the last 2 years Samantha has proven herself to be a highly valued member of the Filtersafe team which is exemplified by her professional and cultural contributions to the international team. Samantha has contributed significanlty to the company’s changed marketing fortunes by understanding the company’s strategy and its virtues, developing new resources where needed, and then implementing strong company standards related not only to digital marketing but also internal and external marcom. Samantha is a valued team member and an exceptional talent.

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Mark Riggio

CEO Simplify Ballast

I’ve worked with Samantha for more than a year now at Filtersafe and I can say that she is one of the hardest working people that I know. She is intelligent, persistent, and organized in a way that I wish I could emulate. Samantha is a key asset to our marketing team. Her steadfast persistence and pleasing demeanor make her the pleasant face at the end of a firm deadline, ensuring that the team stays on task, on time, and above expectations.

Donna Horowitz Heller

Director - Go South Program

Numerous times during our time together at Nefesh B’Nefesh, Sam took on projects that drove the organisation and her colleagues to professional excellence. Whether initiating and maintaining a department wide migration to efficient communication channels , introducing new social media practices or creating clear and actionable work plans for massive programs, Sam constantly raised the bar for herself and those surrounding her. It was a pleasure having Sam on the team and I enjoyed working with her very much.

Elisheva Hudson

CEO Hudson Films

I sought out Samantha’s advisement when I wanted to target and expand my audience. Her expertise was vital and exactly on point for what I needed. She was able to very quickly assess and give me on point advice. I would recommend her expertise to businesses of all sizes!

Tommy Bar Av

CMO MassChallenge IL

It’s rare that you come across standout social media talent like Samantha. I hired Samantha to create and manage the biggest online startup community in Israel. During her time, Samantha was able to create an incredible content and to increase followers across all social media channels.

Samantha is a natural marketer, she is incredibly efficient, smart and fast. She is extremely talented in storytelling and social media management.

Sam is a tremendous asset to any organization or startup. I would be happy to work with her again in the future.


Bayla Haskel

Founder at Veg It Out

Had a consulting session with Samantha. She was very helpful in helping me come up with a plan to analyze my social media, email marketing and website traffic in order to increase sales.

Thanks so much Samantha 🙂

Eric Bobak

Director of Digital Marketing, Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores

We’re so thankful for Samantha’s contributions to our business. I don’t think we would be where we are now with social if it wasn’t for her. She was a tremendous contributor to in both executing, and shaping SHO’s social marketing strategy.

sears hometown and outlet stores logo
Amitay Stern

Amitay Stern

CEO @ TypoDuctions and DRIFT

Working with Tal has been impactful. He helped us understand where the issues were in our sales process and provided us a roadmap to increase sales by creating custom SOPs and demonstrating every step very clearly.
He is very responsive and communicates well.
Highly recommended.

steve burton

Steve Burton

CRO The Point Company

Tal is a hard-working and trustworthy person. I have experience as a client, a partner and working for him directly. He is a man of his word, delivers on what he promises and from what I’ve seen to the best of his ability. A competent salesperson and strategist I would recommend him to any company wanting a fractional sales leader, channel manager or strategist.

the point company
tommy remmert

Tommy Remmert

Co-Founder and CTO of LoneStar Tracking

Tal has been a pleasure to work with. I own and operate a small business in the IoT sector, and have very little experience in sales and marketing. Tal was able to quickly develop a strategy for us, implement a CRM, and start building and training our sales team. The experience that Tal was able to bring to the table was tremendous for us. Being a small company, we do not have the capital to hire a full-time team so the fractional services that Tal offered were great. If you are a small (or large) business needing to get your sales and marketing straightened out, Tal is your guy…

Lone Star Tracking logo
Huw Nierenberg

Huw Nierenberg


KSW is an incredible resource, but more importantly, there are very few people as talented as Tal when it comes to sales strategy. He helped close a publicly traded company for my startup.

eproperty care
jeff ives

Jeff Ives

CEO iON Contracts

ion contracts