Here's what some of our satisfied clients have to say about working with KSW Solutions
Daniel Zatman

Tal is a valuable contact and having him in your corner is priceless. He is always prepared with insights and market focus, so every minute spent with him is energized and filled with possibility. He actively listens and extracts the essence of any business idea and distills it into action and a road map to your final goal. You leave refreshed, focused and ready to go.

Highly recommended.

Daniel Zatman – Founder of TechnoFood

I approached Tal to discuss strategies and ideas for developing my business and think about ways to improve sales. Tal had excellent ideas and opinions that I will be putting to use in the coming weeks and months. I highly recommend Tal for your business.

Daniel Tarlow – Business Owner at Smokey Meats

Phil Guimond

Tal Paperin has the uncanny ability to find lessons, especially sales lessons, in every little thing in life and somehow manage to successful apply these things to the business world. If you’re looking for a sales professional who lives, eats and breathes sales, then open a dialogue with him.

Phil Guimond – Information Security Architect at CBS/Cnet/Viacom

helen gottisman

If you are looking for someone who understands sales, Tal is your address. His grasp on the overall sales process, how to move a prospect forward, and his on-point grasp of how to move your business forward is invaluable. Follow him. Listen to him. Take his advice. Grow your business as a result.

Helen Gottenstein – Presentation Trainer for Companies

I worked with KSW and found them to be professional Sales Managers, with rich experience in market development.
I recommend KSW to every company who is looking to quickly develop a new market. It is always a pleasure to work with them.

Michael Juwiler – CEO, MJ LTD Israel

I can not be thankful enough to Tal Paperin. I reached out to Tal after watching his very insightful sales videos. Tal showed us how there is money out there. We just need to know how to find it and provided some super solid suggestions on how to get it.


While there is no silver bullet as Tal put it, there is hope, and with a well-executed plan, success can be achieved.

Donny Fein –  Real Estate and Non-Profit Consultant

I can personally testify to Tal’s exceptional BizDev and Sales skills, and extensive knowledge of best marketing practices.

Tal brings in his portfolio creative problem-solving, a wide range of cross-discipline knowledge, and willingness to do whatever it takes to generate a final productive result.

Bar Libach – Regional Business Development Manager, MIS Implants Technologies Ltd. (Global)

KSW has everything you want and need in a solutions consulting company: years of experience in both pre and post sales, connections in all the BRIC countries, knowledge in how to stand out in many different types of markets, and more ways to increase your company’s profitability.

Gabriel Hefiets – Annapurna Labs, an Amazon company

Extremely enthusiastic about their job, smart, professional, and thorough, and it was a pleasure to work with KSW Solutions.

Daniel Weiser – Head of International Business Development & Sales Spetrotec

barak kav

Tal has the knowledge and deep understanding to analyze and map the market competition, in order to promote your comparative advantage for any category of products.

Barak Kav – Global VP Sales & Marketing at TAG Medical


Tal’s insights in business, especially sales are amazing… They are always very informative and show his years of experience.

Udo Kalu – Biomedical Engineer at GE Healthcare

I highly recommend KSW Solutions for ANY of your business endeavors and adventures. Tal Paperin has a rare talent for thinking in-depth and forward.
KSW Solutions are able to give concise precise advice of great value for consultant-customer company relationships, negotiating projects per added value, and expanding global markets by exploring more personalized channels.

Judith Rozen- Romano – Business Strategy EMEA, Mobileye/Intel

I worked with Tal at Synergix. He is very dedicated, enthusiastic, and industrious. He has great negotiating skills and secured several big deals for the company. He is incredibly capable and is a huge asset to any company that he works for.

Laura Gillman – Sales and Marketing Manager, Synergix

Tal helped me take stock of where my venture is right now, plus give me valuable feedback and further guidance, including what to focus on next to advance my venture. He is an accomplished salesperson.

Daniel Gross, PhD, Founder at Modal <> AI

KSW are great to work with. They are very professional and highly motivated. A great source for advice and guidance in moving one’s business forward.

Dovid Shaw, WoW Discoveries, USA

After losing over 40% of our produce in transit, we got KSW to solve it for us. The next year our loss went down to 12%. With the ability to see the situation from many angles, KSW provides the ultimate solution.

Michael. P – Senior Engineer, Electro Optics, Russia/Israel

Highly professional, very reliable and honest, with the ability to work in unknown situations and achieve results. Tal has strong planning capabilities, knows how to set priorities, and achieve stable and high goals

Aleksey Zarevskij, Distribution Development Manager, MARS

In a 5 minute conversation, Tal gave me more usable, actionable advice to move forward, sharpen my message, and figure out the best and easiest way to get my message in front of my ideal audience, than 2 years of business development courses.

Sharleen Herz – Life and Style Coach

Being a Sporting Goods manufacturer in the West is not easy. Cheap production in the East is killing us… We got KSW – and they have completely changed our business. Now our brand is selling like crazy all over North America!

Footwear manufacturer, Israel

I have had an on-going business relationship with KSW, and I have found them to be reliable and efficient. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information. They are to be highly recommended.

Gary Beech – IT & Engineering Specialist, Fairfax Media, Australia

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