The Best Way To Know If Your Business Will Succeed – Or Fail

how to tell if your company will succeed or fail

Listen up, founders and CEOs: we’re not fortune tellers, but we can predict your business future with surprising accuracy. Here’s the magic formula: Are you willing to ask for help?

That’s right. It’s not some mystical business juju. It all boils down to your willingness to admit you don’t have all the answers (especially when it comes to sales).

We’ve all seen it happen. Founders, brilliant in their own right, assume their expertise translates to every corner of the business. But without sales, you’re a fancy car with no gas – stuck in the driveway, going nowhere fast.

Here’s where the ego trip takes a nasty turn. CEOs puffed up with pride make a two-step mistake that can cost them dearly.

email asking for help
A CEO who will succeed because he knows how (and who) to ask for help.

Step 1: The “Solo Sales Savior” Delusion

They dive headfirst into sales, armed with zero experience, knowledge, or even a flicker of enthusiasm. They have no clue who to sell to, why they should buy, or how to close the deal.

Worse yet, they might hire a sales team. But guess what? Without knowing how to filter candidates, manage them, or even set expectations, things get messy. Fast.

The Fix (Before It’s Too Late):

Now, if our CEO/Founder wakes up at this point, realizes their mistake, and calls in the reinforcements (a decent VP of Sales or a consultant), there’s still hope! (Assuming the company hasn’t run out of cash by then.)

Step 2: Denial – The Road to Ruin

But here’s the real danger zone: Denial. They keep pushing forward, ignoring the elephant in the room – their non-existent sales engine. This, my friends, is a recipe for disaster. No amount of ignoring reality can change the fact that without a sales and business development team, your future looks bleak.

The Classic Case Study:

Think of the brilliant engineer who creates a groundbreaking product but can’t sell it for love or money. Their ego prevents them from bringing in a sales pro, in fact they probably surround themself with other engineers to fill different leadership roles that they have no training it or background to know how to hire the right people below them. What happens in the end? The business closes. No matter how good the solution is, no matter how viable the product, even despite a strong market demand – if you don’t surround yourself with skilled people who know how to grow and manage each area of your business you’re leaving your chances to luck.

The Takeaway:

No CEO is an island. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. So, ditch the ego, embrace collaboration, and watch your business soar.

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