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Tal Paperin on the Bob Low Show How to Penetrate New Markets
Tal Paperin on CEO Money Radio Show
Tal Paperin on The Hard Corps Marketing Show

In this episode we discuss what you need to know about your business before you establish your sales strategy, the importance of knowing your prospect, including their cultural nuances and how marketing and sales teams need to work together to properly execute a strategy and get results.

Marcus Cauchi, Laughs Last Ltd

This episode is filled with actionable insights and inspiring stories that will empower founders and startup CEOs to unlock their sales potential. Tune in now to gain the knowledge and tools needed to drive sales success in your entrepreneurial journey.


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An Introduction to Sales in the 21st Century

In Tal Paperin’s first book he shares with you the wealth of knowledge he amassed in 15 years of working at some of the top business world-wide. His easy-going tone makes this ebook ean easy read, whether on a flight to your next client or an afternoon in a hammock.